Go Green with Soles4Souls

How is Soles4Souls Green?

We offer a simple way to help reduce the strain on our environment: donate your used clothing and footwear to people in need instead of throwing them away. Last year alone, Americans discarded more than 700 THOUSAND tons of footwear and apparel. When these items break down in our landfills, which can take many years, the toxic chemicals from the materials can leak into our soil, water supply, and atmosphere.

Soles4Souls can save your shoes from early death by offering them a second chance at life, enabling individuals around the world to break the cycle of poverty. Since 2006, Soles4Souls has distributed over 19 million pairs to people in 127 countries, and our efforts have been highlighted in national publications, including Real Simple, O Magazine, and SELF.

Most of our closets are filled with shoes we rarely wear. Instead of tossing your unwanted shoes and clothing in the trash, consider stopping by one of our participating drop off locations or dropping them in one of our blue bins. Through the collection and sale of used clothing and shoes, Soles4Souls helps create self-sustaining jobs that generate desperately needed revenues throughout communities like Haiti.  The sale of footwear and apparel to support micro-jobs also provides the majority of funding to sustain Soles4Souls operations and further expand its donations of new shoes and clothing.

Consider joining us in our mission to change the world, one pair at a time. The gift of shoes is a simple yet profound way to benefit people in need while helping the environment at the same time.