One Walk


What is the One Walk?

On June 2, 2012, we are rallying people across the country to walk or run for children in need around the world. You can walk on your own, with a team or start your own team for the One Walk mission. 100% net revenue from the registration fee is dedicated to helping deliver shoes to one of the 300 million children and untold adults around the world without shoes. Every dollar raised provides one pair of shoes. Individuals and teams are also encouraged to raise additional funds to help send shoes to people in need. Remember one dollar equals one pair of shoes to someone in need.

Why are shoes important?

Footwear is a first step in helping people in impoverished areas live healthy, productive lives. Footwear can help eliminate the spreading of diseases through the foot as well as help children obtain an education - as many schools have footwear requirements to attend.

How does it work?

You can look to see if there is a race currently going on in your area or you can create one of your own! One Walk is your walk/jog/run: you decide where; you decide how long. Invite friends and start a team, get co-workers together or just hit the road by yourself. It doesn't matter, it's all for the shoes anyway! Just see below on how to get started!

How do I get started?

Click here or on "JOIN" above to see if there is currently a One Walk in your area. To start a One Walk on your own, click “Create." It costs $25 to join, and with that, you receive a free One Walk T-shirt! From there, you can fundraise by using our creative tools, to get family, friends, and others involved in your mission!

NEW! One Walk Incentives

In order to recognize your hard work towards Soles4Souls’ One Walk, we are excited to offer you exciting incentives for your fundraising efforts. Click here to download. 

*Rewards are based on final total of individual collection: they are neither cumulative or stackable. Picture shown may not be exact prize.