10 ways you can change the world one pair at a time!

September 16, 2010

  •   1.4 Billion people are susceptible to diseases that could easily be prevented by a decent pair of shoes.
  • 300 Million kids worldwide are without shoes.
  • Over 20 Million orphaned children are shoeless, in Sub-Saharan Africa, where temperatures often reach over 100º F.
  • Hookworm infections, which are transmitted by walking barefoot, are about 60 times more common in children living in African and Southeast Asian countries.

10 ways you can help:

1) Clean out your closest: This is one of the easiest & most common ways that people can help! Statistics show that there are aproximately 1.5 billion pairs of shoes lying in closets around the country. If people would take the time to simply clean out their closets, take them to a drop box near them or ship them to a collection center, we could largely eradicate the problem.

2) Mobile Giving: Want to help give shoes right now? You can! Through mobile giving, you can simply text the word “SHOES” to 20222 and donate through your mobile carrier. If you have a smart phone, check out our new mobile site for instant giving opportunities.

3) Create an event that collects shoes or raises funds: We’ve partnered with thousands of individuals who combine their passions with the desire to give back. If you are a runner, you could organize a 5k & have participants donate their running shoes. If you are a shoe-a-holic, you could organize a fashion show to raise awareness of the need for shoes around the world.

4) Get your business involved:Now more than ever, corporations are realizing the power of aligning with causes. Businesses across the country have partnered with Soles4Souls in numersous ways. Some companies host an inner-office shoe drive, others collect shoes on a year round basis by becoming an official participation location. Soles4Souls is a natural fit for your brand to partner with to give back.

5) Partner with Soles4Souls while raising funds for your school or organization: There is a new way for schools to raise funds that doesn’t involve selling magazines, cookie dough or wrapping paper. Your school or organization can partner with us to raise funds while sponsoring shoes for kids around the world.

6) Give shoes with us: One of the coolest ways to partner with us is to experience giving shoes, first hand. You can travel with us to places like Peru, Honduras, India, & Haiti to provide shoes & hope to children around the world. Experience the joy of seeing faces light up as we arrive with a new collection of shoes. To read the reflections of those who have joined us on this life changing venture click here

7) Get your kids involvedWe are constantly inspired by countless stories of kids that are stepping up to change the world. Students have collected shoes. Children have collected shoes at their birthday party instead of receiving presents. Boy Scouts have collected thousands of pairs as a part of their Eagle Scout requirements. Kids are often out growing their shoes, Soles4Souls is a perfect way that they can recycle their shoes & give them another kids who has grown up without shoes.  

8 ) Lemon Drop : We’ve partnered with our friends at Lemons to aid to allow people to host a “Lemon Drop”, a lemonade stand and a shoe “drop” all rolled into one! This is another great way for parents to teach their kids about charity. Wonder how it works? One mom shares about her Lemon Drop Experience.

9)  Barefoot Sunday or Thanks4Giving : Encourage your church or synagogue to consider hosting a Barefoot Sunday or Thanks4Giving event. Congregations can be challenged to have all of their members leave their shoes at the door as an act of worship and selflessness. We will provide support materials and donation cards to announce the event, as well as information on where to send the shoes.

10) Spread the word: Soles4Souls started as a grassroots movement where people spread the word to their friends & family. We exist because people have shared about Soles4Souls by word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, & even walking across the country.

When you do…




These are just a few ways you can partner with us to change the world one pair at a time. What ideas do you have that we could share?