CES Collects 10,500 Pairs of Shoes!

July 28, 2016

The students at Concord Elementary School have once again gone far above and beyond with their shoe drive. They collected 10,500 pairs of shoes for those in need in just 35 school days! The over 700 kids, from kindergarten through 2nd grade, worked relentlessly with the amazing and creative guidance of their art teacher, Mr. Carroll. They had 30 collection boxes in 4 different states. They got the entire school and surrounding communities involved. Parents helped collect, business owners acted as drop-off locations, and the football team lent their muscle to move all the shoes! Oh and to make things even more interesting, Mr. Carroll promised the kids he’d do a push up for each pair of shoes donated. That is a lot of push-ups!! (You can watch him do them here). 


The students put together a great video highlighting their involvement and explaining how important it is help others through shoe donations. You’ll want to watch this: 

Thank you Mr. Carroll and CES for being such awesome volunteers and donors! Your shoe drive will change so many lives. 

Do you want to host a shoe drive at YOUR school? Start here.