We’re 4 the frontlines because they’re 4 us.

COVID-19 has affected every one of us, but among the people most devastated by the pandemic are those working in healthcare facilities: housekeeping staff, nurses, receptionists, physicians, food service staff, administrators, lab technicians… the list is endless. 

It’s time to show them all some serious love.

$1 = 1 pair of shoes

“I rarely get a chance to sit so my feet were crying for relief … thank you for my new Crocs. It felt like I was walking on air all day.”
– Lanessa

“I so appreciate the beautiful crocs! I was dancing and singing “Happy Feet” all through the PACU-ICU today! It’s kind people like you who make my heart smile! God bless you!”
– Stephanie

But don’t healthcare workers already have shoes?

Yes, absolutely. But as we’ve reached out to healthcare facilities to see if new shoes would be of help to their employees, the resounding response is, “Yes, absolutely!” 

– In many cases, the shoes we’re sending can be cleaned and reused in sterile rooms, conserving the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that’s in such high demand.

– Many healthcare professionals are working long, brutal hours, so having a comfortable pair of new shoes to slip on at the end of the day is a welcome gift.

– People working in the healthcare field aren’t immune to the financial consequences of COVID-19; many have family members who’ve lost their jobs, so “extra” purchases like new shoes have to wait.

We’re sending shoes to healthcare workers all over the country. 

Because of your generosity, we’re able to serve them—just as they’re serving us.

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