ABOUT.com: Nashville

May 21, 2008

Soles4Souls appears in Jan Duke’s blog, the guide to Nashville seen on About.com:

If you’ve got a spare pair of shoes lying around, we’ve found the coolest way for folks to not only clean out their closets of those unwanted shoes, but also be able to help others at the same time. So next time you begin your annual spring cleaning, make yet another “Clean House” resolution, or think about laying out that pair of new or used shoes at your next yard sale, you might want to keep the Nashville based non-profit Souls4Souls in mind.
Souls4Souls started out simply as one mans idea and vision to help those in need and in less than two years it has turned into a wonderful thriving non-profit organization that has found it’s own niche by simply providing those in need with new and used footwear. The founder of Souls4Souls, Wayne Elsey says that their goal is simple “They get shoes and they give shoes” and the simplicity of those words even resonates with school age children as several local schools have begun to hold their own shoe drives in support of Souls4Souls.
Recently, we had the opportunity to see the simplicity of Souls4Souls in action, at one of our local schools, when a single classroom of third graders collected up over 600 pairs of shoes (at last count). The Souls4Souls shoe drive was clearly a win-win project as the children were excited to be able to help make a difference and there’s no doubt that the recipients will be just as thrilled. Participating in Souls4Souls is a definitely a great way for anyone, especially the younger generation, to really make a difference in the world in a meaningful yet simple way.