Canadian BioPed Footcare Locations Collect More Than 163,000 Gently-Worn Pairs. Travels to Distribute New Shoes in Haiti.

June 5, 2018

Over the past few years, Canadian foot care company BioPed Footcare has been an amazing supporter of Soles4Souls. In addition to helping expand Soles4Souls’ presence in Canada, their footwear clinics have collected an incredible 163,000 pairs of shoes since 2015.

By nature of their industry, BioPed Footcare team members have always been aware of the power of a pair of shoes. BioPed Footcare is a company that specializes in providing non-surgical treatment for conditions related to the functions of the feet and lower limbs. Because of their commitment to foot care, BioPed Footcare clinics all over Canada began collecting used shoes for local non-profits in 2010. Furthermore, they found that the program resonated with their clients as everyone has used shoes in their closet.  After a few years of successful collections, BioPed Footcare CEO Pete Scully began researching ways to take their efforts to the next level.

Upon encountering Soles4Souls, Pete instantly connected with our work repurposing used shoes to find long-term solutions to poverty. In fact, working with Soles4Souls was one of the first decisions he made as CEO.

In their first year, Pete and his committed team collected over 37,000 pairs by engaging their customers and local communities in shoe drives for Soles4Souls. Since this first collection effort in 2015, this annual number has only grown.

“The alignment of core values between BioPed Footcare and Soles4Souls has helped us create tremendous sustainable engagement with both our staff and our clients,” said Scully.

All of the shoes collected by BioPed Footcare’s clinics are distributed to Soles4Souls’ micro-enterprise programs, that help to create sustainable jobs for people living in poverty in developing countries. Entrepreneurs sell the shoes in their local marketplaces and are able to earn an income and purchase food, education and shelter for their families.

To date, the economic impact that BioPed Footcare’s collected shoes have created is enough to provide a year of schooling for over 5,400 children or 815,000 meals for families in need.

In addition to collecting used shoes, Pete and 20 of his team members have traveled with Soles4Souls to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to distribute new shoes to people living in poverty.

“Traveling with Soles4Souls has empowered my team to fully understand the work we are doing and how it impacts the country we are serving,” said Pete, who has been on three international distribution trips, and witnessed both our free distribution and micro-enterprise operations firsthand. “I was inspired by the resilience and strength of the communities we visited and our team returned eager to collect more shoes for those in need.”

BioPed has now set a company-wide goal to collect 1 million pairs of shoes! We are so thankful for their dedication to making an impact. Thank you BioPed Footcare for helping Soles4Souls Wear Out Poverty!

You can find a BioPed Footcare or a drop-off location here.