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See how the Simple Gift of Shoes Gives Julio Hope

September 27, 2018

Where’s Julio? A question the teachers at the Hermano Pedro school in Antigua, Guatemala ask often. The answer is usually found in the kitchen, where this mischievous eight-year-old boy likes to hide. After sipping from the milk jug, that is. Beneath Julio’s playful spirit lies the heart of a fighter. He has down syndrome and...

Resilience in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

August 22, 2018

Puerto Rico is a complicated place. It is a tourism hub in the Caribbean, and there are plenty of swanky hotels and sightseeing tours to prove it. But beyond the glitz of its beaches, there’s also widespread poverty at a rate closing in on 50% and an economy plagued by serious debt and recession. So,...

It's More Than a Pair of Shoes

July 3, 2018

Puerto Rico is a complicated place. Of course, there’s its relationship with the United States. A territory for more than 100 years, it’s undoubtedly a part of the country and its people citizens like any other. But it’s also not a state, which stirs up certain unique issues. The fact that it’s an island disconnected...