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Resilience in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

August 22, 2018

Puerto Rico is a complicated place. It is a tourism hub in the Caribbean, and there are plenty of swanky hotels and sightseeing tours to prove it. But beyond the glitz of its beaches, there’s also widespread poverty at a rate closing in on 50% and an economy plagued by serious debt and recession. So,...

It's More Than a Pair of Shoes

July 3, 2018

Puerto Rico is a complicated place. Of course, there’s its relationship with the United States. A territory for more than 100 years, it’s undoubtedly a part of the country and its people citizens like any other. But it’s also not a state, which stirs up certain unique issues. The fact that it’s an island disconnected...

Providing New Shoes, Protection and Hope at a Dump in Guatemala

June 14, 2018

Those who help us distribute the gift of shoes around the world work hard to understand the concept of “extreme poverty”. But nothing can prepare them to face the harsh realities of life on less than $1.90/day. In places like Chiquimula, Guatemala, these realities can include surviving in a makeshift community atop the city dump....