Through His Eyes

More than 25 years ago, I began my work in the non-profit arena at the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville and became the first Business Manager at Nashville CARES about a year later.  For the next 24 years, I worked diligently to develop and refine operational policies as well as strategic decision making. We grew the budget from $750,000 to over $30 million, and the staff from 7 to over 100 with an impressive expansion of services.  I spearheaded the development of insurance assistance services that grew our reach statewide.

As time passed, however, I increasingly became a bit disillusioned with only being able to “give a person a fish.” I wanted, no I needed, to  “help people to fish for themselves.”  For about five years, I searched for a new opportunity that would bring me greater fulfillment. I thought I had found it several times flying here and there, and all over the country, only to be disappointed in what I would eventually learn of the opportunity and how it didn’t quite fit into my destiny.

Then in the summer of 2016, I saw an opening for a CFO at Soles4Souls. Up to that point, I had only searched outside of Nashville. But something just seemed right about this opportunity! Once I decided to go for it, I contacted an old friend serving on the Board of Soles4Souls to gather more information. He very kindly provided a recommendation, and after a rigorous interview process, I was offered what now feels like was my destiny all along!

 Robert shares a special moment during an International Distribution Trip!

My skills are fully utilized and expanded, my passion has been reignited, and I am having impact! Most importantly, I’m helping folks fish for themselves!!!

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