Clothes4Souls in Israel: Sanhedria Children's Home

Miriam Braun works at the Sanhedria Children’s Home in Jerusalem. She is a very encouraging and inspiring woman, who dedicates so much of her time to ensuring the well being of the kids she works with every day. Miriam runs the home’s volunteer programs, which among others, includes arts and crafts, sports and English lessons. She also arranges the boys’ Bar Mitzvah celebrations where volunteers dance up a storm with the kids!

“After my daughter got married about 10 years ago, I was looking to make a change in my own life. I no longer had to be at home…and I found Sanhedria was lacking a PR department,” said Miriam. “So I took it on myself to put the organization on the map by building a new division and recruiting volunteers. The project took off! People like being involved in a hands-on way and there are plenty of opportunities at the home.”

We first connected with Miriam over two years ago, when we sent her footwear for the children. This time around, we shipped a load of t-shirts we had procured through our Clothes4Souls division. The shirts were immediately put to good use!

“If there is a donation for a field day,” Miriam shares, “it does them a world of good to have something to look forward to. This greatly boosts their feelings of self-esteem.” A large number of children at Sanhedria have been removed from their parent’s custody and are under the umbrella of the country’s welfare system. Getting new threads or shoes helps them feel “normal” and good about themselves! Donations from outside companies help Miriam provide for the children.

Thank you Miriam and the team at Sanhedria Children’s Home for your dedication to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of your children. We appreciate your service and are honored to partner with you!