Creative Cause Marketing!

August 16, 2016

We work year-round with corporate partners to develop fun and exciting cause marketing campaigns. These campaigns give the company an avenue to educate their customers and get them involved in our mission! Today, we wanted to share a few of them with you. 


Stan’s Fit for Your Feet retail store, with locations in the Milwaukee area, has hosted 10 annual shoe drive campaigns. 10! Now that’s some dedication. They wanted to collect 25,000 pairs JUST this year alone! Each time a customer donated a pair of shoes, they received $10 off their next purchase. The company’s owner, Jim Sajdak said: “Stan’s is happy to again be hosting this worthwhile drive that helps put shoes on the feet of Milwaukee’s homeless and needy individuals from around the world.” A portion of the shoes were distribute to a local shelter right there in Milwaukee. 




Cheeky Days is an innovative box subscription – sign up and each month you’ll receive a box that enables your family to connect, create, and give back to the community. It’s not always about what’s IN the box, but what it moves you to do! Right now, their inaugural box includes a #SoleChallenge card so you can commit to the challenge (no matter what it is) and help others in a truly out of the box way. 



PUMA hosts a “Kicks for a Cause” campaign in their stores across the country. This large corporation showed just how much they care for those in need around the world. During last year’s shoe collection, PUMA raised $100,000 for us! Then, they sent a team of employees to Jamaica on an international shoe distribution trip. Together, we distributed shoes to Jamaican high school track students – so they can run faster, stay safe, and attend school! Watch this inspiring video to see the campaign and distribution in action: 

We are so grateful for each and every corporate partner and cause marketing campaign! The work they do is invaluable and directly changes lives here in the United States and around the world. And thank YOU for helping these campaigns come to life!