How to get your shoes to Soles4Souls

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your shoes to us.
Tell us how many pairs and we’ll point you in the right direction!



For Individual Donations

If you have a few pairs, you can either
Find the nearest drop-off location run by volunteers just like you! These are solely drop-off locations, please do not ship any shoes.
Announcing “Zappos for Good!” Donate gently used shoes and Zappos will ship them for you! (Please limit to 15 pairs!)
Buy a Shipping Label
Purchase a shipping label to send your used shoes directly to Soles4Souls.


For Larger Donations

If you have more than a few pairs, you can either


Find a Location
Whether it’s 13 or 13,000, you can donate shoes at one of our larger collection areas. Most of these locations are run by volunteers just like you! Please contact them for shipping instructions or to schedule a drop-off.
Contact Partnership
If it’s too far, you can contact PARTNERSHIP (800-599-2902) and they will help facilitate shipping your donation to the closest location to you.

Download our DONOR INFORMATION FORM and please include a form in EVERY bag/box of shoes you donate.

*Note hours and location are subject to change, please contact the location volunteer to confirm.

Warehouse Drop-off Locator