What is Barefoot Sunday?

Barefoot Sunday is your chance to get your congregation and community involved in WEARING OUT POVERTY throughout the world. Soles4Souls provides the resources needed to help your church engage your community by collecting shoes.


900 million people around the world live in extreme poverty. 400 million of them are children. These are families living on less than $1.90 per day and simply can’t afford adequate footwear. Your congregation will be part of a powerful movement, creating positive change in the lives and communities of those in need!

Planning Kit

Soles4Souls has made it easy for churches to participate in Barefoot Sunday. Here are some resources for you to use:





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Sermon Series

This series of messages is an example of how you can make SHOES a part of your upcoming church services. The following messages were provided by Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. You can find transcripts of each message below for download.


“Jesus had great peripheral vision. He always noticed people that were way out on the fringes and would surprise them with grace. Being in partnership with Soles4Souls has allowed us to surprise people, who sometimes feel forgotten, with the gift of grace as well. Simply putting a pair of new shoes on their feet, says to them, ‘There are people that notice you and a God who cares.’ What a powerful message to receive!” -Mike Breaux, Teaching Pastor – Heartland Community Church


“Soles4Souls impacts the world with the gift of shoes, one pair at a time. Our congregation was moved by the impact that a pair of shoes could made and responded accordingly donating thousands of pairs to the cause,” added Mark Bankord, Directional Leader.

Barefoot Event Sign Up

To get more information about the program, email us with your questions. To sign up for the Barefoot Sunday, complete the form below and a representative will get in touch with you.



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