People of all ages gather shoes in their communities

The Sanders kids have collected over 25,000 pairs so far

10-Year-Old Traci Weinstein collects 30,549 pairs of shoes

Her community rallied behind her to help those in need

Two ways to give shoes

Host a Shoe Drive

You can join hundreds of people of various ages and walks of life who are collecting shoes in their community.


We give you all the tools you need and make it as easy as possible! You can host a shoe drive from start to finish in just four simple steps:






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Type of Shoe Drive





I will ship/deliver my shoes to Soles4Souls & understand that all shoes collected are for Soles4Souls’ mission and not to be distributed or sold to any other organization.






Get the resources you need from our Tools & Ideas page

We want your shoe drive to be successful, so we’ve gathered some stuff to make your life easier!
You’ll find the tools you need, as well as the opportunity to spread the word via social media and email.



Start a Fundraising page

This is a great way to get your friends, family and followers involved. You can raise money to help with the cost of shipping your shoes to us, or for just straight donations. It’s fast and easy to sign up and share!



Get the shoes to us

We have collection locations all over the place. When your shoe drive is complete, you can check out our shipping page and find the best option.