Tools & ideas for individuals hosting shoe drive



25k Drive

Recruit the help of local churches, schools, civic groups, clubs, etc to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes. If you collect 25k, you win a trip for two to Haiti to help us distribute shoes to those in need. More Info

It’s My Birthday

In lieu of gifts, you can ask your friends and family to give toward WEARING OUT POVERTY. In addition to hosting a shoe drive, you can start a fundraising page, We even have Birthday Invitations!

Mitzvah Project

You can dedicate your Mitzvah Project to Soles4Souls by collecting shoes and/or fundraising donations to help us with our mission of eradicating poverty.

Lemon Aid Stand

Host a lemon aid stand to provide a tasty refreshment while making a difference! Tell people they’ll get a free lemon aid with every bag of shoes they donate!


As an athlete or organization, you can dedicate your race to Soles4Souls (collecting shoes and funds leading up to the race), organize your own race, or make Soles4Souls the beneficiary charity of your race! Contact Kelly Modena.

School / Service Project

We can translate the number of shoes you collect into service hours, and provide a letter of acknowledgement once we receive the shoes!


Dedicate the service component of your pageant journey to our cause by collecting shoes, traveling with us and spreading the word about our mission.