Your used shoes can have a second life!

It’s estimated that 21 billion pounds of textile waste is dumped in US landfills every year. That makes up more than 5% of all municipal waste generated every year.

Did you know?

The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of textiles per person every year.
The EPA estimates only 15% is donated or recycled.

Don’t waste a good opportunity!

The shoes you no longer want provide many with the opportunities they need.
Since 2006, Soles4Souls has diverted 23.8 million pounds of shoes and clothes from landfills and instead created meaningful economic opportunities and helped provide new shoes for those in need around the globe.
Your used shoes act as a resource to help entrepreneurs in developing nations start and sustain small businesses to help themselves and their families step out of poverty.
A gently used pair of shoes can sell for an average of $10 (USD) and help provide basic necessities for entrepreneurs and their families.

Used shoes = new opportunities

Help entrepreneurs start and sustain small businesses. See how your gently used shoes can help!

1 pair of shoes can provide 5 meals for Marie-Ange and her family in Haiti.

20 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of schooling for Tracy’s daughter in Honduras.

Just 30 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of shelter for Ginette and her family in Haiti.

Give Shoes. Give Love. Go Green...Today!

Host a shoe drive

You can join hundreds of people of various ages and walks of life who are collecting shoes in their community.

Zappos for Good

 Announcing Zappos For Good! Donate gently used shoes/clothing and Zappos will ship them to Soles4Souls for free! (Please limit to 15 pairs!)

Drop-off locator

Most of our partner locations will take up to 5 pairs. If you have more than 5 pairs, check out our SHIPPING LOCATIONS.