Country: Honduras
Partner: World Compass Foundation

A small community of about 25 families was relocated from the river banks of El Progreso, Honduras because they were considered an “eyesore.” They moved to a remote palm plantation—Monte de los Olivos–where they were left with no access to clean water or housing. A number of non-profits came to their aid helped build housing, a school, and clean water, but the village was still left without a way to generate a sustainable income.


Our work with Monte de los Olivos has led to the formation of a co-op, where a group of women sell shoes to provide for themselves and their families as well as sustaining their operation.

 Soles4Souls’ long-time friend and partner, Raul Carrasco, is the founder of World Compass Foundation and our micro-enterprise program manager in Honduras.


Raul is a native Honduran who understands that in rural areas plagued by poverty, mothers and fathers lacking an education or technical training have little chance of employment—an unfortunate legacy passed on from generation to generation. 


“This is a chain effect,” he explains. “If parents are unemployed, there’s no food.  If there’s no food, the children are not healthy. If they’re not healthy, they can’t do well in school.” And it all starts again.


Raul believes micro-enterprise is a long-term solution to ending poverty in Honduras.


Watch the video to learn about the beginning of our operation in Honduras: