Insider Tips: How to Host a Shoe Drive

August 19, 2016

SO many people host shoe drives for Soles4Souls around the world. From 11yr old kids who collect for their birthday, to families, to Boy Scout Troops, and more. The shoe drives are endless! Today, we want to give you the INSIDER TIPS on how to make your shoe drive as successful, fun, and impactful as possible! 


  • Register your shoe drive
    1. Going online to register your shoe drive is the first way to get started hosting your own shoe drive!
    2. Once you submit your registration, a Soles4Souls representative will send you an email. This person will be your resource for all things shoe drives and Soles4Souls!
  • Look online to find the closest warehouse to you
    1. Before you start collecting shoes, we recommending finding out the closest warehouse to you! This way you can see how far you have to drive the shoes or if you may have to ship them.


  • Check out our online Marketing Tools and Resources
    1. We have an extensive online tool guide to help your shoe drive be super successful!
      1. We offer fliers, door hangers, posters, logos, pictures, videos and more! Feel free to get creative and design your own campaign materials or utilize ones provided.
    2. Boxes! We do have branded collection boxes available online for purchase. By purchasing a box, you are helping us reallocate shipping expenses to furthering our mission.
      1. *TIP: Line any box you decide to use for collection with a trash bag. That way, when the trash bag gets full, you can simply pull it out and replace with a new bag. If you decide to decorate your own box or use one of ours, this will help you keep it in pristine condition and also save you resources!
    3. Part of the Tools & Resources will include a Press Release that, once filled out by you with your shoe drive info, we will distribute to alert the local media in your area!


  • Outreach to your community
    1. Use your newly created marketing materials to advertise your drive around your community! Reach out to local businesses, churches, civic groups, and neighbors and challenge them to clean out their closets with you!
    2. *TIP: Knocking on doors is worth the effort! People love the ease of being able to recycle their old/unused shoes!
  • Fundraise for your shipping costs
    1. If you are not located near a warehouse, you may need/want to ship your shoes. If this is the case, we definitely recommend fundraising!
    2. We offer a free online platform to fundraise your shipping costs that is customizable with videos and pictures.
    3. *TIP: Reach out to local businesses and ask them to sponsor a few boxes of shipping. This is tax deductible for them and also may help you a ton!
  • Make it fun
    1. Host a competition! Create a theme! Make it a family affair! Hosting a shoe drive can be a fun, engaging way to recycle and be philanthropically involved. Whether you’re competing with your cousin across the country, hosting a shoe drive and having your office go barefoot for the day, or motivating your church to be more green, think of ways to spice things up!

      Shoe Pile_tight

    1. Please pair the shoes you receive or ask people to pair them when they contribute to your collection!
    2. You can tie laces together or rubber band them
    3. *TIP: Host a pairing party! Invite friends, family, coworkers, etc to join you in pairing the shoes together. Incentive for them to come? PIZZA!