The act of distributing shoes to children is always special. 


But once in a while, that special moment unfolds into something truly extraordinary—like the brief encounter between man and child that unfolded this past December in Honduras. Our team set out for a small, seaside village where the locals live a simple life. That means thatched huts, no electricity and no shoes. 


Without shoes, the children are especially susceptible to potentially debilitating injuries, pain and soil-borne diseases.


When the van pulled up and its passengers stepped out, a nine-year-old boy named Larson almost immediately wrapped his small hands around Robert, Soles4Souls’ new Chief Financial Officer. At first, it felt unfamiliar. But that soon changed when Robert looked down upon the friendly stranger and recognized the reflection of his younger self. Chubby face. Gentle eyes. Looming shadow of poverty. 



Larson stood toward the end of the distribution line playing while Robert sized and fitted little feet. But from time to time, their eyes would meet. So when Larson made it to a fitting chair facing another volunteer, Robert leapt from his seat and took his place. Neither uttered a word as Robert washed away the sand on Larson’s feet, but they were speaking to each other.  


I am here to serve you, Robert thought. I am grateful, Larson responded.


That day, Larson and nearly 180 other children received brand new shoes that will help protect them from injuries, discomfort and disease. But there are still many children just like them who need you. 


For every dollar you donate, you can help provide one more child a new pair of shoes.

100% of your donation will go toward providing health, hope and happiness through the gift of shoes!


Thank you for helping Soles4Souls Wear Out Poverty


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Donate by Check

Please make checks payable to Soles4Souls and send to 319 Martingale Dr, Old Hickory, TN 37138. If you’re donating in honor of someone, please note in the memo section. Tax receipts will be mailed within four to six weeks after the donation has been processed.

Donate by Stock

Soles4Souls accept donations in the form of stock. This can be arranged from most brokerage accounts. Please contact Soles4Souls Controller Tim Deats for more information.

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100% black

Rooted in our core values of being Transparent, Entrepreneurial, Accountable, and Meaningful, we are committed to putting 100% of your financial donations directly toward programs that are disrupting poverty through creating jobs and providing shoes and clothing for those in need around the world.


This is made possible by our micro-enterprise programs, which provide meaningful opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing nations to generate revenue that sustains our administrative operations.


If you are experiencing any issues with our online donation page, please email for assistance.