Michele Finally Meets Her Impact

March 9, 2016

Michele James just might be Soles4Souls biggest supporter. Over the years she has collected over 400,000 pairs of shoes to support our micro-enterprise program which helps entrepreneurs in developing nations start small businesses selling donated shoes to generate income.


She has joined us on countless trips to distribute shoes to children in orphanages and schools in Haiti.

But perhaps what has made the biggest impression is when she traveled to Haiti with Soles4Souls in the summer of 2015 and met Marie Ange and Ginette, two entrepreneurs she is directly helping through collecting and donating gently used shoes.


Michele wrote us a note upon her return. Here is a portion of what she wrote:

For me personally, it was heartwarming to have an opportunity to give back to those who have been supportive to me and to S4S for so many years.   The highlight of the trip, for me, was having the opportunity to meet Marie Ange, Jeanette and Sam.  In life, we do what we do, never knowing who might be affected by our actions.  To have the chance to meet the recipients of our labors was very emotional for me.  It makes my heart happy to know that what we do in Colorado, makes a difference in the lives of these lovely women and many others in Haiti’s marketplace. I love doing the shoe distributions, loving on the sweet kids and stepping into their world for a moment, but for me that seems like a band-aid. The micro-enterprise program that you have implemented seems like a viable solution to truly help relieve the economic situation for many recipients.   It is wonderful that you have both programs in place to address the different needs.

Thank you to Michele James for making such a difference in our mission and helping Soles4Souls “Wear Out Poverty.”