Micro-Entrepreneur Profile: Maria Zhovmir in Moldova

December 13, 2016

Maria Zhovmir aged 21 was one of four children living in Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries with 17% living in poverty. When she was a child, her parents were heavy drinkers. Maria and her siblings were often neglected and locked up long periods of time without food, water or warmth. Her parents could no longer care for their children and were soon placed in an orphanage.

Upon graduating high school, Maria went to study accounting. She completed her course, however, she could not find a job having no work experience. Maria soon had little income and could not afford a place to stay.

Our partners at Help the Children were able to provide Maria with a position at a Help the Children thrift store selling shoes and clothing. Maria now has steady income and is able to pay room and board.

Learn more about our micro-enterprise program here.