For people in the poor nations we serve, there is little room for the unexpected.

Natural disasters can strike in any part of the world, yet poor nations are often more vulnerable to their devastating effects.   The Dominican Republic, and many of the countries that our donors help us reach, has one of the highest risks.


This past November, less than two months after Hurricane Matthew, the country was once again devastated by deadly flooding. Those just above the poverty line were pulled right back down. Those already living in poverty grew even poorer. In places like this, there is little room for the unexpected.


Thanks to the support of people just like you, our team arrived for a shoe distribution at a school in the town of Sosua, one of the hardest hit areas. Without shoes, the children risked further harm. Slippery conditions could lead to debilitating falls. Trash and debris could pierce their small feet. And dirty standing water could permeate their skin, leading to dangerous infections.



Our team set up in a classroom while the children gathered awaiting their turn. Among these was a girl no more than nine years old. She stood patiently in line, her little brother snuggled closely, to receive the gift of shoes. Our team fitted them both in brand new, easy-to-rinse pairs that protect them from falls, injury and disease. All in all, 150 children received new shoes that day—shoes we can only provide thanks to our generous donors.


100% of your donation will go toward providing health, hope and happiness through the gift of shoes!


Thank you for helping Soles4Souls Wear Out Poverty


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Rooted in our core values of being Transparent, Entrepreneurial, Accountable, and Meaningful, we are committed to putting 100% of your financial donations directly toward programs that are disrupting poverty through creating jobs and providing shoes and clothing for those in need around the world.


This is made possible by our micro-enterprise programs, which provide meaningful opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing nations to generate revenue that sustains our administrative operations.


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