Start Your Own Shoe Drive!

July 25, 2016

We love sharing stories about shoe drives that our dedicated and amazing volunteers have hosted! In the past few weeks, we’ve talked about Elliot who donates her birthday ever year, introduced you to the donor services team, shared with you the 400,000 shoes Michele James has collected, and so much more! 

Now that you’ve been inspired to clean out your closet and ask others to join you, it’s time to begin!

Step 1: Register
Head here and register for your shoe drive! You’ll give us a little information and then we will know how to best help you execute your shoe drive. 

Step 2: Tools & Ideas
Head to this page to get some nifty tools to help you promote on social media and offline! 

Step 3: Fundraise
We make it REALLY easy for you to fundraise. Sometimes your friends, family, or co-workers might not have extra shoes to donate but they still want to make a big difference. So when this happens — send them to your fundraising page! It’s also a great way to cover the costs to ship your collected shoes to us. 

Step 4: Send The Shoes!
When your shoe drive is over and you’ve collected so many shoes to help others, you’ll need to send them to us! Check out this page to see the best way and the closest warehouse to you.