The Great American Shoe Drive: Texas

September 16, 2010

 The Soles4Souls RV is making its way across the country as a part of The Great American Shoe Drive. Allen & Silvana Clark have been traveling the country distributing shoes & promoting our cause. Today, Silvana shares about their distribution in the great state of Texas: 

 I graduated from high school when Bridge Over Troubled Waters was a huge hit. This morning we visited another Bridge Over Troubled Waters in Texas. This shelter serves women fleeing from sexual and physical abuse.. Our contact Janelle Eaton, helped us get the room set up for the distribution. Everything ran like clockwork and we got over 70 women plus their children fitted with new shoes in under an hour. One woman whispered to me, “I pulled these flip flops out of the garbage and they are the only shoes I own.” 

Houston Volunteer

      We quickly got her fitted with a sturdy pair of Asic’s athletic shoes. Another mother came in with her 10-year-old daughter and a sleeping baby in a stroller. She came to the shelter looking for help in escaping an abusive situation. Her daughter was thrilled with her new shoes and showed all of us how she could stand on her toes just like Michael Jackson.

      The next stop was to a big homeless shelter in downtown Houston, Star of Hope. The shelter received 2,500 pairs of flip flops and 80 pairs of shoes for their clients. We delivered the shoes right as Hurricane Hermine was showing herself with huge winds and a downpour so heavy that water was flooding us from the freeway overpasses. Hey! If rain, snow or dark of night doesn’t stop the US Postal Service, why should a hurricane stop The Great American Shoe Drive?

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