They Wanted to Know How it Felt To Be Shoeless

August 15, 2016

During Brighton’s recent shoe drive campaign, one of the retail locations teamed up with First Methodist Church of Friendswood to collect shoes during their annual Vacation Bible School. The church wanted to focus on sharing with the kids the importance of giving back to those that are less fortunate all around the world.   They studied the cultures of different countries and what day-to-day life was like for the children there – especially countries where we distribute shoes.

In addition, they asked children to bring a pair of shoes to donate after cleaning out their closets. On the final day, the VBS leaders challenged the kids to donate another pair of shoes… the shoes off their feet. The kids looked shocked!


They entered a room to find three different sidewalks based on the actual ground conditions of three different countries. The kids took off their shoes and walked barefoot on them. Once they realized what it was like to walk barefoot in such conditions, they were EAGER to give their shoes.  These shoes weren’t pairs that their parents purchased specifically to donate or something dusted off from the back of the closet…it was something they valued, loved and felt proud to wear themselves…and they gladly gave it away for someone they will mostly likely never meet.

The final donation was 718 pairs of shoes and 222 pairs of socks…all in just 4 days. How incredible is that?!