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STEP UP 4EveryKid

Monthly STEP UP donors sustain our 4EveryKid initiative, which provides new athletic shoes to children experiencing homelessness in the U.S

Join our community of monthly givers who believe in the life-changing power of opportunity.

For children experiencing homelessness, a simple pair of shoes can be the first step toward a new beginning.

What if you were the person to help them take that step? 

For every $20 gift, one more child receives shoes. That’s amazing!

Right now, 1.5 million kids in the U.S.  are experiencing homelessness. When you join STEP UP, you can make a difference in their lives every single day.

“For me, having a new pair of shoes … meant that I was worthy. It meant I had a choice when choice was such a rare commodity in my life. I meant that I could walk and jump and move without pain. It meant that I had dignity.”  – Khadijah Williams, a survivor of homelessness  and advocate for homeless youth

STEP UP Benefits:

Exclusive communication from Soles4Souls

Know you’re making a difference in a child’s life every day

Your giving is automated, so you never miss a chance to make a difference.

We created STEP UP, our Soles4Souls giving community,
because we’re convinced we can do more good when we do it together.

Will you STEP UP 4EveryKid?