Providing shoes to people who need them most.

Because a good pair of shoes can help someone step out of poverty. $1=1 pair.


When someone doesn’t have shoes, it’s not just their feet that suffer.

Vulnerable to disease
Every day millions are exposed to unsanitary conditions that can lead to sickness, even death.
Unable to attend school
Children often don’t meet uniform requirements in order to attend school and are unable to receive an education.
Loss of dignity
Without something as basic as a good pair of shoes, people often feel hopeless and discouraged.

The power of a good pair of shoes

Shoes can actually change someone’s life.
Michael lives in a very rural area and walks over rough terrain, through hazards such as standing water and broken glass every day.
His sister ran home to get him the day we were distributing shoes because she knew how badly he needed a new pair. We were happy to provide shoes to Michael and his sister to keep them happy and thriving.


Victorina wants to be a teacher when she grows up and befriended a professor who was with our team on a mission trip to Tanzania who inspired her.
Education, particularly for girls like Victorina, is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa. New shoes will help her become one step closer to achieving her dreams.
We met Wilberson in Haiti and learned that he shared one pair of shoes with his siblings and walked an hour to school every day.
He told us his happiest place is in the classroom and dreams of being a doctor to care for people in his community. A new pair of shoes will help Wilberson reach his favorite place… school!

The shoes you no longer want create the opportunity she needs.

Donate gently used shoes to empower women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Soles4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.
New shoes provide health, hope and happiness.

We’ve provided more than 30 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries.

Used shoes = new hope.

Your donations create sustainable jobs in developing nations.

A cleaner environment.

70 pounds of textiles per person, per year are thrown out. Only 15% is repurposed.