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Creating New Ways to Give Back

Our partners at Zappos are key to making donating shoes easy — they provide free shipping of gently used shoes and clothing to Soles4Souls, which is crucial to helping support those in need. And in times like today, it is even more important that we can support those impacted by the health and economic crisis. 

In the last couple of months, they’ve found even more ways to give back. Zappos for Good, their charitable arm, has helped Soles4Souls ship brand new pairs of Crocs to those working on the frontlines in hospitals across the country— nurses, physicians, and housekeeping workers.  They’ve also been doing hero nominations with gift card giveaways and the WOW Meals program, all while still offering incredible customer service. 

Since the staff at their headquarters in Las Vegas have been working remotely, the company decided to utilize its campus bistro to help provide ready-to-eat meals for the elderly and the most vulnerable population around their community. Their bistro workers have been making over 1,000 meals a day and safely distributing them throughout the area and to local charities.

“People have been extremely supportive and thankful. They are sure to let us know every day once we arrive with compliments on the work we are doing. A few times we have had residents tell us how much they enjoyed the previous day’s food. I would say the best part for me is seeing people light up a bit when we arrive in the Zappos vehicles. Every once in a while we get a thumbs up or wave with a big smile and it is awesome knowing that they will get a hot and fulfilling meal for the day,” says Brian Messenger, a Zappos employee. 

Another way the company has offered support is through launching Customer Service for Anything, a hotline that offers its customer service team to help callers with, well, anything. No purchase necessary. Zappos representatives have taken thousands of calls to-date, helping with a variety of topics– some including students in need of homework help or people calling in just to hear a kind voice. One particular request stood out when Dr. Putrino, Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for the Mount Sinai Health System, reached out to Zappos in need of pulse oximeters but was having trouble locating any. Zappos Customer Service for Anything team immediately kicked into action and was able to locate 300 oximeters, which help provide crucial remote monitoring for discharged patients with suspected positive cases of COVID-19. 

Soles4Souls is proud to partner with Zappos, who are constantly creating new ways for their team to give back! Want to donate your used shoes and clothing? Visit their site here.