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Poverty Isn’t Only “Over There”

May 28, 2019

We often share stories of boys and girls we meet through our work in developing countries. Life on less than $2 per day for these 385 million children means that even essentials go unfulfilled. The harsh realities of extreme poverty slowly tear down their potential—and their dreams. Yet the gift of shoes made possible through...

Together, We Can Break the Cycle of Poverty

May 2, 2019

One in five children in developing countries survive on $1.90/day. That’s nearly 385 million girls and boys living in extreme poverty worldwide. Imagine the faces behind these numbers, each bearing a burden far beyond their years. They lack all the basics we often take for granted, including a proper pair of shoes. And because they’re still...

This Spring, Help Make a Difference Through the Gift of Shoes

April 3, 2019

The dawn of spring often brings travel plans for millions of people around the country. Eager to beat the winter blues or take advantage of school breaks, many of us pack our bags and head to sunny vacation destinations. Spotting an exotic capuchin monkey while hiking the rainforest in Costa Rica, swaying to the reggae...