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Struggle and Hope in the Batey

October 26, 2018

Life on less than $1.90 per day is defined as extreme poverty. Extreme because it deprives its victims of the most basic needs—including an adequate pair of shoes. Extreme because it stretches the limits of what a human being should bear, adding impossible complexity to even the most mundane tasks. There are few places where this...

See how the Simple Gift of Shoes Gives Julio Hope

September 27, 2018

Where’s Julio? A question the teachers at the Hermano Pedro school in Antigua, Guatemala ask often. The answer is usually found in the kitchen, where this mischievous eight-year-old boy likes to hide. After sipping from the milk jug, that is. Beneath Julio’s playful spirit lies the heart of a fighter. He has down syndrome and...

Resilience in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

August 22, 2018

Puerto Rico is a complicated place. It is a tourism hub in the Caribbean, and there are plenty of swanky hotels and sightseeing tours to prove it. But beyond the glitz of its beaches, there’s also widespread poverty at a rate closing in on 50% and an economy plagued by serious debt and recession. So,...