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Two Women Run Appalachian Trail While Fundraising for Soles4Souls

When it comes to ultra challenges, best friends Meg Landymore and Celia Eicheldinger are up for anything. In March, Meg and Celia began an 18 month-long adventure called The AT RunVenture Project, which entails running 2,190 miles through the Appalachian Trail. During their weekends, they trek through miles, chiseling away at their goal. 

After initially hearing about Soles4Souls through their friend Keith Cartwright, a consistent Soles4Souls supporter, Meg and Celia decided to partner with us in fundraising through their challenge. 

We wanted our efforts to not only inspire, but to do some concrete good, and in a way that would provide for basic human needs. Soles4Souls was the perfect match for us,” said Meg. 

In April, Soles4Souls CEO Buddy Teaster, also an experienced ultra-marathoner, joined Meg and Celia for segment 2 of their run. Buddy shared how the donated shoes are processed and the benefits our entrepreneur program brings to those facing economic hardships. 

Meg says, “We felt even better about supporting Soles4Souls and will begin to focus more of our story on them and our efforts to collect shoes and funds.”  

Last month, Meg and Celia joined in on The Race 4EveryKid, our fundraising initiative aimed at providing new shoes to children experiencing homelessness. Their goal is to raise $25,000 on behalf of Soles4Souls. You can continue donating toward their fundraiser here

Meg and Celia, with their friend Keith, recently completed over 100 miles through Segment 6. This segment stretched from Pearisburg, Virginia to Petites Gap Road. She chronicles her trail experiences in her blog The AT Runventure Project, highlighting different Soles4Souls fundraisers each segment they run.

Meg, often a promoter for making dreams a reality, encourages those following their run to consider setting up a shoe drive of their own. 

It shows others the need to stop putting off tomorrow due to the challenges of today. You can accomplish so much once you commit to doing,” she said.