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Creating More Opportunity In Partnership

When we can find partners that share our vision for creating opportunity, our outreach and number of people impacted grows even larger. So naturally when our Vice President of Outreach, Tiffany Turner, heard about TenThirtyFive, a new boutique that opened in the town she lives in, she asked how Soles4Souls could help.

TenThirtyFive is a second-hand women’s clothing boutique in Donelson, Tennessee, focused on providing women access to quality clothing and mentorship programs. They work with local girls living in foster care, inner-city youth, as well as women experiencing homelessness, and those who were previously incarcerated, and now transitioning back into the workforce.

“We allow the women we serve to shop for free. We provide them a $75 voucher each time they come in, and they can usually create three to five outfits from that. Our goal is to equip them with clothing and resources to either start a new hobby or job,” said Angie Brantley, Director of TenThirtyFive.

TenThirtyFive opened in November of last year, and in that time has already served over 200 girls. But as donations have come pouring in, sometimes there is too much inventory to sell– which is where we come in.

Every month, our Warehouse Manager Shawn Murphy stops by the shop and picks up the extra donations, in addition to anything that wasn’t sold. From there, we ship them to our entrepreneurs in countries like Haiti and Honduras, so they can sell the items and make a sustainable income.

“More than anything, the women that are donating their well-loved clothes want to know that their items are creating good and opportunity, and that’s what Soles4Souls does. A lot of people want to give back in some way, many not knowing how, but this is a way they can,” said Angie.

Boosting confidence is one of the biggest reasons for TenThirtyFive’s store. While many organizations do clothing drives, or giveaways where recipients will spend time sorting through bins of donations, the boutique is providing a new, dignifying experience for women in need.

“We recently attended a gala for Women of Worth, an organization that provides housing for women transitioning back into life after incarceration. There were two ladies that shopped with us, because they’re getting back into the workforce. Neither of them had been to a prom growing up, so really had no reason to wear a formal dress. They said over and over how beautiful they felt,” said Angie.

And it’s stories like that, the ones that provide dignity and hope, that give meaning to our work. Partners like TenThirtyFive help bring our mission full-circle. Clothing can create opportunity– in a boutique in Donelson, Tennessee or thousands of miles away in another country.