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Miss Utah Contestants Collect 50,000 Pairs of Shoes

For three years, Soles4Souls and the Miss Utah Scholarship Organization (MUSO) have partnered, encouraging every contestant to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes. The contestant who collects the most each year also wins an opportunity to travel on one of Soles4Souls’ Global Experiences and engage in the work first-hand. Since 2018, MUSO has collected over 250,000 pairs of shoes on behalf of Soles4Souls. This year alone, the contestants collected 50,000 pairs. 

“We instill not only their social impact initiative service projects, but hopefully a love for service,” said Carly Condie, Director of MUSO. 

During June’s ceremony, Soles4Souls Directors of National Partnerships, Megan Welsh and Lydia Dowdell, presented Miss Glory Thomas the award for collecting the most pairs of shoes. Tallying in at 4,900 pairs, she met and surpassed the required amount. 

“Every time I would put a rubber band on a pair of shoes, I was reminded of the lives that these shoes would impact. Those lives motivated me to keep going and share the message of Soles4Souls with more people in my community,” says Glory.

Making a difference in the community is at the heart of the Miss Utah Scholarship Organization’s mission. Glory’s social initiative, GLO with Kindness, services the community through several outreaches by helping the homeless and elderly populations, as well as schools. 

Miss Utah Scholarship Organization crowned Miss Sasha Sloan as their winner. Later this year, she will be heading to the Miss America pageant. 

“To me, service is the best way to connect with my community and bring purpose to my life. It’s an opportunity to contribute something to the world in an act of gratitude for what I’ve been given,” said Sasha.