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Helping people in developing countries escape poverty
through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship works.

In low-income countries, it’s difficult to escape poverty because long-term work is scarce. Soles4Souls works with like-valued partners in those countries to help people start and grow businesses that sell donated shoes and clothing.

We’re just getting started.

Since 2006, together with our partners and donors, we’ve created 1000s of jobs in 53 countries on 5 continents.

  • “Working on selling shoes from my house has allowed me a great relationship in my community and they involve me more. Thank you for the great opportunity you guys have provided as an organization, not just for us but for our families as well.”

    Erike Gutierrez – Honduras

  • “Selling shoes benefits are very good and create great opportunities”

    Kiara Acosta – Honduras

  • “As a result of selling shoes, I get the chance to live in my own home”

    Brice Jemima – Haiti

  • “I became able to take care of myself.”

    Kerline Agenor – Haiti

  • “By selling shoes, I get the opportunity to give my children money to go to school every day”

    Micheline Désir  – Haiti

  • “By selling shoes, I have control of my business and life”

    Yesdeline Jacques – Haiti

Impact beyond income.

In 2022, 4Opportunity entrepreneurs increased their household income by 233%, and 92% either purchased a home or saved toward homeownership through selling shoes. But the economics are just part of the story.


87% improved quality education and
regular attendance for their children


80% assumed at least one
community leadership role


92% improved family health
and nutrition

Put your used goods to good use.

The U.S. throws away 13 million tons of clothing and footwear each year, which has a detrimental impact on the environment that disproportionately affects people who are economically vulnerable.

By extending the life of shoes and clothing that might’ve otherwise been prematurely discarded, we care for both
people and our planet.

How much good can you do?

Calculate Your Impact

It’s surprisingly simple to help someone step out of poverty.

The 4Opportunity model is tested, sustainable, and scalable.

Step 1


People donate their own gently used
shoes or those they’ve collected through shoe drives, and brands donate excess or returned shoes and clothing.

98% of donations we receive can be
put to good use. The rest are disposed
of responsibly through a waste-to-energy partner.

Step 2


Vetted partners in-country purchase the donated shoes and clothing and resell them at a modest markup to 4Opportunity entrepreneurs and thrift stores.

The wider community benefits, too! Adults and kids have easy access to affordable clothing for work and to attend school—which continues to disrupt the cycle of poverty.

Step 3


Entrepreneurs receive training and ongoing support so they can continue to reinvest in their business and grow.

On average, 4Opportunity entrepreneurs grow their business 1.5x every two years. Many of them even hire others in their community, which broadens the circle of impact.

Step 4

Families & Communities

Having a sustainable income means entrepreneurs can can better meet their family’s basic needs.

The wider community benefits, too! Adults and kids have easy access to affordable clothing for work and to attend school—which continues to disrupt the cycle of poverty.


Kick poverty to the curb.

Donate your gently loved shoes to extend their life, divert them from landfills, and get them to entrepreneurs who need them.

Whether you collect 100 or 25k pairs, hosting a shoe drive is an easy way to positively impact an entrepreneur and protect our planet.

Join our community of loyal volunteers who inspire others to help turn shoes and clothing into opportunity.

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