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Be part of something bigger than yourself.
Join our Sole Tribe.

At Soles4Souls, we believe in the power of people to unleash good in the world.  

Truth is, Soles4Souls has learned this from our most dedicated volunteers, our Sole Tribe. They are the everyday superheroes who generously share their gifts and show up for people they may never meet in places they may never go. Our Tribe’s commitment gives Soles4Souls the confidence that, together, we will disrupt the cycle of poverty.   

And we want YOU to be a part of that too. The world needs your gifts! You will not only make a difference by creating real economic opportunities for children and families around the world but stepping into this community will no doubt make you a better you.

What we’re all about

Sole Tribe ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated Soles4Souls supporters who are passionate about our mission and excited to share the work that Soles4Souls is doing.

To increase awareness about Soles4Souls and our mission to turn shoes and clothing into opportunity.

To be a community of like-minded, passionate people who want to make a difference in the world.


–   Must believe in the power of people & community!

–   Must agree that you are never too young or old to make a difference (we have no age requirement)

–   Must be able and  willing to join Sole Tribe’s communication platform, Workplace

–   Preferably have social media account(s)

–   Must be able to virtually meet as a Tribe once per quarter

–   Must be able and open to participate in awareness activities and to seek the contributions of time, money and/or in-kind support from other individuals, organizations, companies, etc.

Sole Tribe ambassadors agree to:

Uphold the S4S Brand

– Stay engaged in the community

– Share/Post whenever you can on Social Media

– Do one big thing each year to move the mission of Soles4Souls forward. This includes anything you are already doing: shoe drives, fundraisers, etc.