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No Shirt. No Shoes. No Education.

Help turn No into Yes for a child in need.

This Yes is an Education and a fresh start.

Help Turn No into Yes and give kids in need a brighter future by providing a new pair of shoes to children experiencing homelessness this back-to-school season. 

Help them go from “homeless kid” to

You donate

Each $20 monthly donation provides a new pair of athletic shoes to a child experiencing homelessness.

We deliver

Soles4Souls works with our school and community partners to deliver new shoes to kids who need them most.

Kids win

Together, we’ll help more children experience the joy and confidence they deserve.

We believe every child deserves to experience the joy and confidence that comes with a new pair of shoes.

Why give shoes to kids without homes?

While many organizations are focused on the critical needs of food and shelter, school officials tell us shoes are essential for students to succeed in school.

A good pair of shoes can change a child’s future.

Kids who receive new shoes have more confidence, attend school more regularly, and are more physically active.

Thank you for thinking of me during the hardest time in my life! You have given me light.”

Since starting 4EveryKid in 2020 the data we collected from 4EK distributions thus far has revealed many positive changes in the lives of students experiencing homelessness:

  • 79% shared that shoes were one of their greatest needs

  • 89% reported having an increase in physical activity

  • Over half of students reported wearing their new shoes to play sports (Over 30% of students reported missing sports/extracurriculars sometimes because they lacked proper footwear)
  • 96% of partners said 4EK increased confidence in their students (Students also said they felt more accepted, valued, and proud)

  • 4 out of 5 students reported feeling more equal to other kids in school with their new shoes
  • 80% of students said they were more excited to attend & participate in school with their new shoes
  • 54% of youth have better school attendance once they receive new shoes
  • 45% of our partners reported improved behavior

Schools reported the following short & medium-term outcomes after students received 4EK shoes:

  • 97% of our partners said they see positive results in school attendance/engagement with their new shoes.*

  • 2 in 3 improved grades*

*The data shows a positive correlation b/t new athletic shoes and student performance by removing barriers to attending school (like inadequate footwear that hurt students’ feet on the way to school or in the classroom which distracted them from learning) and creating equity amongst students in school (like leveling the playing field some by replacing shame with increased confidence amongst students) which foster a positive learning environment for students to thrive.

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Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Ask this question to any child and you’re sure to get an enthusiastic answer (or three). Even we adults dream of who we’ll be when we finally “grow up.”

For a kid experiencing homelessness, this question can feel more like make-believe than planning their future. But with the right opportunities and support, every child has the potential to become who they want.

By being a part of 4EveryKid, you put shoes on the feet of a person with potential—and hope in the heart of a kid who needs it.

You become someone who makes a difference.

* For privacy reasons, S4S does not explicitly share photos of the children we serve who are experiencing homelessness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my $20 go?

When we are determining costs for each of our program areas, a variety of factors are involved. We think of this cost as “factory to foot,” meaning we calculate everything from the time it leaves our brand partners’ facilities to the moment a child receives a new pair of athletic shoes. This includes things like shipping, logistics, and any other costs associated with acquiring branded athletic shoes. 

How do you know which kids need shoes?

Soles4Souls works directly with programs in our public schools and other community organizations that identify students who are experiencing homelessness and address their critical needs. These programs are often called McKinney Vento, or Homeless Education, programs. These partners know their communities inside and out and are already providing other resources to these children and their families. Then we can come alongside them and do what we do best: give shoes! 

I want to buy shoes from my local store/retailer and donate them to 4EveryKid. Can I do that?

For 4EveryKid, we work directly with footwear brands and manufacturers to get the brandname, new athletic shoes at a reasonable price. If you buy shoes off the shelf at a retailer and donate, your dollars won’t go nearly as far as they would if you donated directly to Soles4Souls. A $20 donation will provide one child a pair of new athletic shoes. We very much appreciate the support but would prefer that you donate funds for 4EveryKid instead of shoes. 

If I donate, when will the kids receive the shoes?

We understand how important it is for each child to receive their new shoes as soon as possible, and our goal is always to get shoes to students as quickly as possible. Our partners ensure that the shoes are provided in an intentional and discreet manner, keeping the dignity of the child in mind above everything else. The distribution process is rolling and ongoing to accommodate our local partners and ensure accuracy in delivery. Rest assured, we are on track, and every pair of shoes is both a promise and a priority. 

How do I know the money I’m donating is for kids in my area? What if you raise more than is needed?

Since the 4EveryKid program will provide shoes to children year after year, rest assured that your donation will enable us to have a sustainable impact on your area. As donations are made for specific areas, we designate the funding to serve specific school districts and nonprofit partners in the area the funds are committed to. Exceeding our target allows us to broaden our reach, securing a foundation for expansion and ongoing/sustained support in your city. 

Can I do a shoe drive to collect shoes for 4EK?

It is our belief that anyone experiencing homelessness deserves the dignity of new, high-quality shoes. So, while we will always put your used shoes (and clothing) to work, no used shoes or clothes will be used in our 4EveryKid program.  


But your used shoes continue to be as important as ever. Your used shoe and clothing donations go to benefit our 4Opportunity program to help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses that sell donated shoes and clothing in low-income countries. And while your used shoes may not go directly to the 4EveryKid program, the funds we generate from the social enterprise component of our mission finances the distribution of NEW shoes and clothing in both our 4EveryKid and 4Relief programs.