Every kid deserves to have their basic needs met.

With your help, we can offer every homeless child in the U.S. a new pair of shoes — and confidence and strength during an uncertain season.

The phrase “homeless child” should stop us in our tracks.

More than 1.5 million children in the United States are homeless. That’s the highest rate of youth homelessness in our country ever. 

Given the economic hardship created by COVID-19, many more kids are about to experience homelessness for the first time.

We know a pair of shoes isn’t simply a pair of shoes—not to a child who has none. What I hope that you can understand is the emotional impact of living with so much shame and uncertainty, and then receiving something that is yours, and that is new, and that is sized and picked just for you. 

For me, having a new pair of shoes… meant that I was worthy. It meant I had a choice when choice was such a rare commodity in my life. It meant that I could walk and jump and move without pain. It meant that I had dignity.”  – Khadijah Williams, a survivor of homelessness  and advocate for homeless youth

Together we can provide shoes 4EveryKid. Please donate today or sign up to be a STEP UP donor. Your monthly gift of $30 provides a new pair of shoes for child in need every single day.

A child who has lost their home should not lose their ability to be a kid.

It’s a tough time to be a kid, especially when your family has become homeless. For most children, the first day of school will look dramatically different than any year before, and that’s especially true for newly homeless kids.

Spread hope in difficult times.

No child should have to feel embarrassed, discouraged, or left out simply because they lack something most of us take for granted. Having a new pair of shoes restores a sense of normalcy in their life.

For every dollar you give, a child experiencing homelessness has an opportunity to be a kid — to slip on their new shoes and let their feet do what they do best: dancing, skipping and playing.

For a homeless kid, new athletic shoes can make a big difference.

Children feel the joy and dignity they deserve.

 Kids feel more confident and can focus on learning.

Students can fully participate in sports and activities.

Be part of the solution 4EveryKid.

Every $1 you give provides a new pair of shoes for a child experiencing homelessness.

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