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Start a shoe drive.
Do more good.

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Our donor forms are now 100% digital –
Please fill out this donor form prior to making a donation.

You want to make a difference in the world, but problems like poverty and the environment feel too big.

Here’s some great news: hosting a shoe drive is a simple and effective way to provide opportunity for people in need and safeguard the environment.

Multiply your impact
with a Soles4Souls shoe drive.

Most people own many more pairs of shoes than they wear. By hosting a shoe drive, you put all of that unused footwear to work—literally!

Create opportunity.

Gently used shoes you collect get funneled to developing countries, where people start small businesses to sell them.

Generate income.

By selling shoes, business owners have money to provide for their family—and people who need shoes the most get them at a price they can afford.

Provide relief.

Funds generated through our micro-enterprise program allow us to use 100% of donor contributions for direct assistance and disaster relief programs in all 50 states.

Protect the environment.

By repurposing discarded shoes and clothing, you keep them out of landfills and help promote sustainability.

Hosting a shoe drive is easy and fun.

Choose a pre-designed drive or customize your own.
A Soles4Souls representative will provide all the resources you need to invite people to participate and to maximize your impact.

Box up your shoes and deliver or ship them to one of our warehouses. It’s simple and free. Make sure to fill out the digital donor form before shipping or dropping off your shoes.

“Soles4Souls is more than a lesson in giving back – it’s a lesson in how easy it is to make ripple effects with small changes. It’s not just about shoes, it’s about changing lives. Actively participating in that process with my daughter has taught us both valuable life lessons and given us an opportunity to make meaningful change.”
– Holly Maddox

Choose your drive

You can choose to start one of these types of shoe drives, or customize your own!

Collect 10,000 pairs of shoes, and Soles4Souls will organize a free distribution event in collaboration with a nonprofit organization in your community.

25k drive

Collect 25,000 pairs of shoes to help people around the globe and earn a trip for two to distribute new shoes.

You have questions,
and we have answers.

Planning a shoe drive is easier than you think! We’ll help you every step of the way.
Where do my shoe donations go?

All of the shoes from your drive will go into micro-enterprise programs in developing countries around the world. These programs serve as long-term opportunities to break the cycle of poverty for those in need. When the shoes arrive, they are sorted and, together with our partners, we determine where they need to be sent to make the most impact.

What types of gently worn shoes do you accept?

We accept all styles, types and sizes of shoes, as long as they are gently worn!

Do you accept single shoes?

Yes, we do accept mismatched shoes.

How do I get my shoes to you?

Once you register, you will receive a list of our drop off locations and instructions to utilize our free shipping if needed.

Does Soles4Souls supply shipping boxes and rubber bands?

No. Feel free to use whatever appropriate shipping boxes you have available to you. Size doesn’t matter. Most places like your local grocery store and retail shops usually have plenty of boxes that they could donate free of charge.

Can I get service hours for a shoe drive?

Yes, we offer one hour of service for every 25 pairs of shoes collected.

How do I obtain a tax receipt for my donations?

Once we receive your shoes we will automatically send you a thank you letter that doubles as a tax receipt (this is why the donor form is super important!). However, if you need one sooner you can request one here.

Still have questions?

Don’t worry! One of our friendly team members will be happy to answer those.

For corporations considering philanthropy, donating excess shoe and apparel inventory to Soles4Souls not only helps those in need but also provides potential tax benefits. Under Section 170(e)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code*, businesses can make a meaningful impact while receiving a tax deduction. The specific benefits depend on the corporate structure and contribution. To understand how your company can benefit from this opportunity, we recommend consulting with a tax advisor to detail the deduction specifics for your contributions to Soles4Souls. By supporting Soles4Souls, your company assists in providing footwear/apparel to individuals and families in need, furthering our mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty. *Not applicable for international donations