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Explore new worlds.
Discover greater purpose.

Three ways to join a Global Experience:

Host a 25k Shoe Drive

Earn a trip for two when you collect 25,000 pairs of shoes in a year. It sounds like a lot, but we’re here to help and have all the tools you need to get there.


Financial donations help us get shoes to the places where they are needed most. Raise at least $18,750 and you and a friend qualify to join us on a Global Experience.

Brand Partnership

Work with our team on a custom campaign. Whether it’s a shoe drive, cause marketing campaign, or employee engagement initiative, your company could earn a trip.

What if your next getaway was more than just a vacation?

Traveling is an opportunity to discover new places, encounter unfamiliar cultures, try unusual foods… to escape your day-to-day routines and step a bit outside your comfort zone. So, why not do something completely different? Why not make your next trip matter? Why not do something good?

When you join a Soles4Souls Global Experience, you’ll:

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Explore your own purpose and values

See firsthand how shoes create opportunity for children and families

Experience an all-inclusive trip with unparalleled customer service

Make new friendships with people you never would have known

Be inspired by passionate leaders

Serve alongside others who share your heart and passion

Have the most fun you’ve ever had

Travel with Soles4Souls, and you’ll never be the same!

Odds are you’ve never experienced anything quite like one of our Global Experiences.

Experience new cultures. You won’t just be hanging out with the tourists. Traveling with Soles4Souls is an opportunity to go off the beaten path to authentically experience other cultures and communities and learn about their values, strengths, difficulties, and more.

Experience amazing people. You’ll create meaningful relationships with your trip companions and with the locals of the community you’re visiting. Not only will you give a part of yourself to others, but you’ll also receive from them—creating a strong and impactful cultural exchange.

Experience hands-on service. What people love most about traveling with us is not the adventure or the fun excursions; it’s that they get to play a tangible role in distributing shoes to people in need. You’ll never forget how it feels to see a child’s eyes light up when you put a new pair of shoes on her feet with dignity and love.

Not to brag, but we know what we’re doing.

We’ve had the honor of taking more than 2,500 people on over 200 service trips all over the world.
So, you can trust us to take care of the details. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Your journey starts here.

Get ready.

Choose your destination from one of our many trips listed here, or let us design a custom trip especially for your group.

Get set.

Whether you join one of our trips or create a custom trip, we’ll walk you through all the details and give you the tools you need to make preparation and fundraising easy.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Step on that airplane and get ready to step out of your comfort zone!

“Getting on a plane to meet 11 strangers in Guatemala for a service trip was the best way to throw me out of my comfort zone. I had no idea what to expect but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

During this trip we brought new shoes to 2 elementary schools in the mountains. At one of the schools, they had access to water so a few of us were able to wash their feet and slip on their new shoes. Such a humbling and special experience.

Our last shoe distribution was at a community that lived in a garbage dump. It was extremely heartbreaking to see this area. Even though I don’t speak much Spanish, I could tell these shoes were a special gift through their smiles and hugs. Thank you Soles4Souls for this amazing and powerful trip.”

– Danielle

Meet our trip leaders

Our trip leaders handle all the details, so you can focus on having the time of your life.

Alessandra Saracco

Book lover, hiker, dog mom. Having taught with Teach for America for a few years, she decided to step outside of the classroom, and is now channeling her passion for service with Soles4Souls travel team.”

Tiffany Turner

South Carolina born, cat mom, coffee drinkin’, wifey. Soles4Souls has been my work home over a decade. No matter where I go, I see and feel this constantly, “People want to give love, receive love and KNOW they matter”.

Megan Welsh

Michigan made, dog mom, favorite aunt. Upon witnessing our mission in Haiti, I knew the travel team had to be a part of my story! Some people say they work to live and I feel lucky to say my work is living.
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