Tennessee Woman Breaks Soles4Souls Record-Collects 1 Million Pounds of Shoes and Clothing

October 16, 2017

What started out as a challenge, turned into a passion. Four years ago, Tracy Swack of Cookeville, TN. received news that her father was diagnosed with cancer and found herself feeling helpless during his illness. At the same time, Pattie Graben of Soles4Souls, a life-long friend, challenged Tracy to enter a contest Soles4Souls had announced—the...

Tigers Take on Poverty in Haiti

October 11, 2017

Tampa Bay. January. Deshaun Watson looks up at the clock. Six seconds left. He throws the ball into the end zone. The football fans among you might recognize this play as the touchdown pass that won Clemson University the 2016 College Football National Championship. It was an impressive win in which this close-knit team overcame...

S4S' President and CEO Visits Malawi

October 5, 2017

From the blog of our president and CEO, Buddy Teaster The flight from Sierra Leone to Malawi is a long one…about 22 hours door to door. We flew from Freetown to Accra to Nairobi to Nampula to Lilongwe. The Accra to Nairobi leg was overnight, but a raft of screaming children kept me awake while...