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College Chapter

Do good on your college campus!

If you’re like most college students we’ve met, you’re a bonafide world changer. You’re absolutely not OK with problems like global poverty and injustice and the climate crisis—and, quite frankly, you’re done talking about those things. You’re ready to do something about them.

You’re not alone, either. You know a lot of students who are anxious to make a real and lasting difference in the world. But it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to put all your energy and time. Where do you start?

What is a Soles4Souls College Chapter?

A Soles4Souls College Chapter provides unique opportunities for students to bond over common interests, form life-long friendships and make a positive impact on the world—together. These student-led organizations are focused on collecting gently used shoes, fundraising, and education/advocacy.

Soles4Souls College Chapter members are passionate about our mission and values, and they’re focused on active citizenship (there’s that “doing something” thing!) and being ambassadors for change.

How to get started

Recruit the required number of members, assign their positions, and identify one advisor who is a university faculty or staff member

Speak with the relevant office/committee on campus to identify and gather necessary documents to apply through your college

Apply for status through the relevant office/committee (Student Activities, Student Life, Student Athlete Advisory Committee)

Upon approval, register your chapter with Soles4Souls

Schedule the first meeting with your members, and invite your Soles4Souls liaison to join

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