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Have a question? Here are the answers to our most frequently asked ones:

Why does my shipping label say 2lbs?
Each Zappos shipping label can hold up to 50 lbs of shoes and clothing combined. The label states 2 lbs since that is the starting weight of the box. Once shipped, it will determine the actual weight of the box. As long as your box weighs under 50 lbs, it will be accepted.
Can I donate a single shoe?

Our warehouse teams are unable to accept single shoes from individual donors at this time. However, we do work with our footwear brand partners to pair their singles, samples, and more. If you are a brand partner, please contact for more information.

What does “gently used” mean?

We accept all styles, sizes, and types of shoes and clothing, if they still have some “life” left in them. This means no holes, mold, etc. A good rule of thumb is, if you could wear them, we can use them!

Where can I drop off my shoes?

Visit to view our drop-off locations and find out how you can ship for free.

Why won’t my shipping label print?

Make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off for the label to populate. Check your settings and try again!

Can I drop off shoes at DSW?

If you are hosting a shoe drive, we ask that you utilize large warehouses or our free shipping – otherwise, we cannot track your shoes. If you are simply cleaning out your closest and have less than 15 pairs, DSW is perfect!

Can I donate clothing?

Yes! Clothing follows the same protocol as our shoes. If it’s gently worn, we’ll take it! You can either drop it off locally (be sure to filter to clothing!) or ship for free via Zappos.

Can S4S provide a dollar value of my used shoe/clothing donation for tax purposes?
Unfortunately, the IRS rules around this are very strict and do not allow us, the nonprofit, to place a value on your donations. It is up to the donor to assign a value to the product that they are donating.

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