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New shoes mean a new identity for kids experiencing homelessness.

Child homelessness is here.

For the 19,019 kids in Denver who experience homelessness, life is full of challenges—so it might seem like shoes would be the least of their worries.

But without a good pair of shoes, these kids feel embarrassed, discouraged, or left out. They feel like a “homeless kid.”

With your help, we can do something about that.

Help them go from “homeless kid” to

$20 = 1 pair

You donate

Each $20 monthly donation provides a new pair of athletic shoes to a child experiencing homelessness.

We deliver

Soles4Souls works with our school and community partners to deliver new shoes to kids who need them most.

Kids win

Together, we’ll help more children experience the joy andconfidence they deserve.

Every child deserves to experience the joy and confidence that comes with a new pair of shoes.

Why give shoes to kids without homes?

While many organizations are focused on the critical needs of food and shelter, school officials tell us shoes are essential for students to succeed in school.

A good pair of shoes can change a child’s future.

Kids who receive new shoes have more confidence, attend school more regularly, and are more physically active.

“My feet feel like they can finally breathe.

Join our community of monthly donors

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Ask this question to any child and you’re sure to get an enthusiastic answer (or three). Even we adults dream of who we’ll be when we finally “grow up.”

For a kid experiencing homelessness, this question can feel more like make-believe than planning their future. But with the right opportunities and support, every child has the potential to become who they want.

By being a part of 4EveryKid, you put shoes on the feet of a person with potential—and hope in the heart of a kid who needs it.

You become someone who makes a difference.

* For privacy reasons, S4S does not explicitly share photos of the children we serve who are experiencing homelessness.