We make it easy to donate your shoes.

When you donate shoes or clothing, you’re caring for the planet and changing someone’s life.

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When you donate to Soles4Souls,
it’s more than just cleaning out your closet.

You’re helping the planet AND changing someone’s life.
  • We process your donation at one of our 7 global facilities then work to find them a new home where the can be most impactful

  • One of our global 4Opportunity partners purchases and resells your donations to local entrepreneurs and thrift stores, creating jobs and helping people start and grow businesses to earn a living.

  • Together, we turn your investment in our mission into opportunities so that all people – regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity or nationality – can have access to a better life and cleaner planet

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We divert 0 pounds from going to local landfills, reducing the environmental impact of these unwanted shoes and clothing by extending their lifespan. We keep your donations in use for as long as possible which reduces their CO2 impact per wear.

Your donations can create $0 of economic opportunity for families and communities around the world through our 4Opportunity and 4Relief programs. This means more money in their pockets to use towards necessities, education, and economic opportunities for their families.

In countries like Haiti and Honduras, your donations can provide consistent, quality food, housing and education for 1 day

Protect the environment by putting used goods to good use.

Nearly 270 million tons of “garbage” hit our landfills every year. By collecting discarded shoes and clothing, together we’ve kept over 91 million pounds of textiles out of U.S. landfills.

Already emptied your own
closet and want to do more?
Host a shoe drive!

There’s no better feeling than making a positive impact on
someone’s life and in the world. Share that experience with
your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers by inviting them
to participate in your very own shoe drive. (It’s so simple, and
we’ll be with you at every step!)
Doing good stuff, together.

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