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52,000 Shoes Distributed in Lebanon

A couple years ago, we partnered with Cisco in Beirut, Lebanon to provide over 600 Skechers shoes to children in several communities and orphanages. Due to the country’s economic crisis, our partners there have said over and over how dire the need is for donations for children. So on August 4, 2020, when Beirut was hit by the third biggest explosion in recorded history, our team immediately reached out to our partners to check in and start discussing ideas for how we could help on a larger level.

Cisco quickly introduced us to Ahla Fawda, an NGO in Beirut serving families impacted by the explosion. After assessing the need, we began conversations with the team at Skechers and were able to secure the generous donation of over 52,000 pairs of Bobs shoes. The first week of December, Ahla Fawda was able to start distributions in communities across Tripoli, Aley, and Chouf.

“Today we visited the children with special needs at the Step Together Association… It was so heartwarming. The way they all stood in a circle and welcomed us in their own very beautiful way singing their heartening morning Carol– How happy they looked being around us, getting the shoes and coloring them. This day filled all of our hearts with so much love,” said Maha Akkari, a Network Consultant Engineer from Cisco’s team.

As distributions continued in the following weeks, volunteers with Ahla Fawda visited a hospital, school, orphanage, and various other villages.

“It’s just a testament to the power of collaboration and partnerships. When you walk alongside organizations and assess their needs, and find out how you can best serve them, and just continue to nurture those relationships,” said Tiffany Turner, Director of Outreach at Soles4Souls.

Fifty-two thousand children now have a pair of brand new shoes, and without the efforts of multiple organizations coming together, none of it would have been possible.