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A Commitment to Change

Working in partnership with NicaRise, an organization in Nicaragua committed to creating sustainable economic change, Soles4Souls will begin supplying entrepreneurs with a consistent supply of high-quality, affordable shoes and clothes so that they can begin earning an income. To say that launching a new micro-enterprise operation was an easy task, however, would be deceiving.

Recent violence and political unrest in Nicaragua have created challenges for our team and partner. Travel to certain communities is blocked, and navigating the delivery of shoes has proven a tougher task compared to other countries where we have direct micro-enterprise relationships.

These moments, however, have only solidified our desire to be there. We have seen the outcome that micro-enterprise can have for people in struggling economies, and are committed to providing powerful opportunities for Nicaraguans living in poverty. Despite the initial obstacles so often associated with launching something new, we know that Soles4Souls’ presence in Nicaragua is important.

The steady income earned by our micro- entrepreneurs will allow them to purchase food, send their children to school and gain access to medical care. Furthermore, these jobs provide a sense of hope and dignity for people in need, which is just as important to Soles4Souls as any measure of financial success.

Our team is profoundly grateful to Bernadette Lane for creating the opportunity to expand Soles4Souls’ impact in this way. Regardless of any hurdles we may encounter along the way, we look forward to continuing to empower communities all over the globe with the help of our incredible donors and partners.