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A Community Drive

When Judy Green, President of CrossRidge Women’s Club in Glen Allen, Virginia, initially heard about Soles4Souls, she was excited about how she could get all her members involved. But when COVID-19 prompted stay-at-home orders, her initial vision for doing a shoe drive solely within the club changed. 

“At the beginning of quarantine, we talked about doing a neighborhood collection drive where we would pick-up,” said Stephanie Hathaway, Soles4Souls’ Director of Virginia Operations. “I pitched the idea to CrossRidge Women’s Club. The stars just aligned because the club is in a gated retirement community, and the residents have been at home for months because they are considered the most at-risk. They are a philanthropic neighborhood who really wanted an opportunity to give back safely.” 

The drive took off. Leaders within the 100+ member community of the Women’s Club sent out communication via social media and email to all the residents. To allow everyone to donate safely, the club printed flyers, and provided trash bags and rubber-bands, hanging them outside all the residents’ doors. 

“We are so blessed to live in this wonderful community that is so supportive of those in need. We were thrilled with the outcome and it made my heart so happy to be a part of helping those less fortunate. We’re looking forward to doing this again,” said Judy. 

The result of the drive was more than anyone could have anticipated– a total collection of 5,000 lbs of shoes and clothing. 

CrossRidge is just one example of many on how our volunteers have adapted their shoe drives to collecting safely during a pandemic. To start your own drive, or get your community involved, learn more here.