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Giving as a Business Model

There are few apparel brands that center their business model completely around giving. For Bombas, that’s been their philosophy since day one and because of that, they’ve been able to donate 35 million items to more than 3,500 giving partners. Soles4Souls has been fortunate to have Bombas as a long-standing partner, where we’ve been able to combine our missions in getting shoes and socks on the people who need them most.

It comes as no surprise that when COVID-19 started to unravel in the U.S. back in March, Bombas was one of the first brands to step up and find various ways to help. For one, they quickly sprung to action by partnering with NYC Relief and NYC hospitals to collect critically-needed items for homeless individuals and healthcare providers– wipes, hand sanitizer, soaps, gloves, protective masks and PPE gowns. And to further that impact, they donated 15,000 pairs of socks to nurses in the city working on the frontlines.

In an article by Forbes, founder David Heath said, “We originally founded Bombas to help those experiencing homelessness by providing needed items and advocating for them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to helping these individuals who are at the greatest risk, through product donations, redistribution efforts for protective items, virtual volunteer opportunities, and support and donations to frontline and healthcare workers. Our approach to what’s happening is an extension of how we always operate: with helping those in need at the core of everything we do, and with compassion, transparency, support and kindness within our team.” 

Bombas has even pointed their customers in other directions to help and get involved in their local communities, instead of simply pointing toward a sale. Even through emails, they’ve reminded their customers of their one item purchased, one item donated business model, explaining that homeless individuals are more isolated now than ever, with public services and soup kitchens impacted by the crisis. 

While many brands have been impacted by COVID-19, Bombas has proven that even a company that works around a giving model can continue to give back in various ways to its communities during a crisis. Soles4Souls is proud to have a partner like Bombas, and looks forward to continuing our aligned missions for years to come.