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Put This on your 2024 New Years Resolution List

The start of a new year is naturally hope-full, isn’t it?  

It’s our chance to dream up a new version of ourselves… to “do better” in one way or another. 

We can’t help but wonder how different our world would be if our resolutions were less about making ourselves better, and more about making others’ lives better.

What could happen if each of us put “do more good” at the top of our resolution list?

When doing more good includes giving to Soles4Souls, we can tell you exactly what happens.

  • A man who was involved in a serious car accident in Colorado has the shoes he needs to successfully complete occupational and physical therapy and return home to his family. 
  • A teen mom, whose parents are incarcerated, has the shoes she needs to attend GED classes (and the confidence to succeed!).
  • A Haitian refugee and her three kids have the boots they need to stay warm during Portland’s winter weather.
  • Parents in countries where work is scarce are now entrepreneurs and earning the money they need to send their kids to school.
  • A high schooler experiencing homelessness has the athletic shoes she needs to participate in cheerleading, just like her friends.

These are just a handful of thousands—thousands!—of stories we can tell you about the difference generous supporters have made in people’s lives.

If “do more good” is on your list of resolutions in 2024, making a donation to Soles4Souls is a great place to start!

When you give to Soles4Souls, you offer:

  • Relief to people in crisis situations by freeing up resources they can use toward other needs.
  • Opportunity to people living in poverty by equipping them to provide for their families.
  • Confidence to kids experiencing in homelessness by providing shoes just like their peers’.
  • Care to our planet by helping us extend the life of shoes and clothing that might’ve otherwise been prematurely discarded.

Together with our big-hearted donors, we did so much good in 2023. Would you make a donation today to help us do even more good this year?

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