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Thanking our Healthcare Workers in Singapore

Last year, after years of growth and outreach in Singapore, Soles4Souls opened its first warehouse there. Having a presence there has allowed us to directly receive donations from our international partners. Bata, one of the world’s leading shoemakers and a long-time partner of Soles4Souls, has been instrumental in allowing us to serve the region. Recently, they donated 10,000 shoes to us– all to be distributed to frontline workers in Singapore.

“The fight with Covid can only be won thanks to all the frontliners. I am thankful that we at least can thank them and show them our appreciation through the donation of brand new shoes from Bata,” said Sak Sivasurian, Soles4Souls Director of Singapore Operations.

In September, Soles4Souls distributed its first round of more than 2,000 new shoe donations from Bata to local healthcare facilities, including Singapore General Hospital, HealthServe Ltd., and Thomson Paediatric Centre.

Since the onset of the outbreak, Bata through its ‘Bata Heroes’ initiative, has been working with its charitable partners and other organizations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their work through Soles4Souls has only been a fraction of how they’ve reacted from the events this year. All in all, the Bata Group committed to donating 1 million pairs of shoes to healthcare workers, volunteers and their families, and the front-liners fighting COVID-10. Their impact will be felt in a number of countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and India. 

“Covid affected the entire world but also gave us a glimpse of the good that still exists. In this case, the good I saw was the amazing heroes on our frontlines sacrificing their own safety for the well-being of the entire country. I was thinking of different ways we could thank as many frontliners personally and with Bata’s collaboration, I now am able to do that,” said Sak.

Soles4Souls has distributed more than 51 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries since 2006, and a big part of that is due to our amazing partnerships with brands like Bata.