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Your Donation to Soles4Souls Can Change Lives: Read Merary’s Story to See How.

Big-hearted people don’t often get to see the life-changing impact of their generosity.

When you make a donation, you trade your hard-earned dollars for the hope of making a difference. But it’s hard to know for sure if you’re doing much good in the world. 

We can assure you that your gifts to Soles4Souls truly matter. Especially to people like Merary, a widowed single mom in Honduras. 

When we first introduced her, she was cleaning houses for $5/day—not enough to consistently provide food and diapers for her two children who had severe disabilities.

Back then, Merary told us: 

“I didn’t want the sun to rise. I didn’t want to worry about not having food for the day, or not being able to afford diapers. …  It was hard because many times [my children] saw me cry; they saw me in despair, because I didn’t know what to do and I felt alone…”

But then Merary joined our 4Opportunity program, which helps people start and grow businesses selling shoes and clothing. And things began to change for her family.

For several years, Merary sold shoes from her home. She used all her scrappy entrepreneur energy, Facebook, and WhatsApp to expand her customer base.

“There’s hope now that little by little, things are going to get better, that tomorrow I’ll want to do something and I can do something.”  – Merary

And then, just in the last few weeks, that “something” actually happened…

Merary opened her own store: Zapatos y Más (Shoes and More)!

Sadly, Merary recently lost her daughter. But her income from her new store is sustaining her son Jeffrey—in more ways than one. Not only does he now have the medication he needs, but he’s also found a new purpose: doing marketing for Zapatos y Más!

So, yes. When you give to Soles4Souls, you’re making a big difference:

“My life is different now. …  Before I felt unsure. Now I feel secure.” – Merary

The thing is, Merary’s story is just one of hundreds I could share with you. Because we’re committed to long-term relationships with our 4Opportunity entrepreneurs, we get to see their incredible progress, year after year.

Their household income increases. Their kids get to go to good schools. Their health and nutrition improves. They’re more optimistic for the future.

Please understand, Soles4Souls isn’t responsible for those successes. You are, through your generosity. 

When you make a donation to Soles4Souls, you will—quite literally—change someone’s life for the good. 

And because 4Opportunity entrepreneurs like Merary are so wildly successful, they often offer employment to other people in their community. That means your life-changing gift gets multiplied over and over again

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